The village Zakriž prides itself upon many natural and cultural attractions. Village is under protection of Natura 2000.  Insured are two animal kinds – a butterfly known as The Jersey Tiger (Euplagia quadrinpunctaria) and The Lesser Horseshoe Bat (Rhinolophus hipposideros).
At first you can start with walking trough Italian forts from WWII. After you can check the vantage point “Na robu”, bee farm, or visit farm Zalaze. Farm is idyllic located with outstanding views of the Cerkno, which is dominated by the hills Blegoš and Porezen. Here you will be “welcomed” by donkeys, llamas, Icelandic horses, which you can also ride. The owner will present you the traditional way of drying fruit in the drying house (“pajštva”). You can test your courage on the dizzy swing or play volleyball on an interesting “natural pitch”. After the farm you can visit the schnapps distillation house and church of Saint Andrew. For nice ending of the trip, we suggest that you return to Cerkno on the forest track, which will lead you past the natural “trim trail”.
During the trip you will be able to try local schnaps and dry fruit.

Difficulty: easy
Recommended equipment: hiking shoes, sport shoes,
Duration: cca 3-4 h
Walking time: cca 2 h

If you will be hungry on the end of the tour, we can organize lunch for you.

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